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 Mobian Culture

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PostSubject: Mobian Culture   Mobian Culture Icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2011 1:30 am

Mobian Culture Tikal10

Tikal, female Echidna

Mobian Culture Knuckl10

Knuckles, Male Echidna

First up on Mobians is the dress code. When it comes to clothing, Mobians tend to vary depending on gender. Females tend to wear full body clothing such as skirts, shirts, gloves, shoes, jewelery and so on. Males on the other hand are usually content with wearing only a pair of gloves and shoes, leaving the rest of their body exposed.

This is probably due to the Mobian's mysterious ability to hide their more private areas, except for during special moments like cleaning or mating.

Mobians are mostly a peaceful race and rarely fight unless its in self defense. This civil war between them and the Mechas is the first real battle they've been engaged in for a very long time, and despite their special abilities, dozens of Mobians are captured and roboticized on a weekly basis.

The leader of the Mobians is the royal Acorn Family, a species of ground squirrel who established the first Mobian kingdom. The Acorn Family is now leading the resistance against the invasion of the Mechas, and their current commander is the princess Sally Acorn.

There was at one time a tribe of fierce warrior Mobians who were a species of echidna, but thousands of years ago, they angered their god when they sought to abuse his powers, and almost the entire tribe was anihilated, save for a scarce handful of survivors. Their civilization now lies in ancient ruins and their surviving bloodlines have completely forgotten about their heritage.

The technological advancement of the Mobian people is varied. Officially, their technology lies in the feudal period of kings and knights, preferring to fight with swords, martial arts, shields, and body armor. However, those who are gifted with advanced intelligence, have invented modern and even futuristic technology to help combat the Mecha army. It was the Mobians who originally invented the Roboticization process, in the first place, but are not desperately trying to undo their mistake.
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Mobian Culture
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