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 Race of Mechas

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PostSubject: Race of Mechas   Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:16 am

Originally designed to help disabled or severely injured Mobians recover from their handicap, Roboticization was at one time revered as a gift, but now it has become a horrifying curse.

A Mecha is someone who has been subjected to a full body Roboticization process, converting their organic parts into cybernetic replacements. This makes them far more powerful than their original body, but at the same time, they become cold, emotionless machines. The Mecha race appears to have malfunctioned and now seeks to convert all of Mobius into a legion of Mechas, programmed for world domination.

Mobian scientists are frantically searching for a way to reverse Roboticization, but so far, all attempts to do so have either resulted in failure, or the organic body dying shortly after they revert.

Mechas don't possess the supernatural powers that some Mobians possess, but because they are machines, they can be outfitted with advanced technology that allows them to simulate such powers. Super speed could be used with jet boosters, while fire control could be replaced with flame throwers, for example.

Mobians have managed to successfully capture and even reprogram some Mechas to remember who they were before, but the vast majority of them are enslaved drones to whatever master is pulling the strings behind their legion.
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Race of Mechas
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